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Advo Companies, Inc. is a non-profit organization that operates a vocational training center and residential homes for persons with intellectual disabilities.  We have been providing service in Amarillo since 1991.  Our philosophy is to provide meaningful and productive employment and a safe living environment for all persons.  At present, our primary service populations are those persons with mental retardation; however, our service base has expanded to include persons with closed head injuries, cerebral palsy, and those that are deaf, autistic and diabetic. 

The “MISSION” of Advo Companies, Inc. is to provide a service delivery system that permits individuals with physical and developmental disabilities the opportunity to choose the level of educational, vocational and work options needed to meet their personal goals and objectives.  By making available a variety of training and work opportunities, an experienced team of concerned staff, and a well-prepared developmental plan, the individual ceases to be a passive recipient of services and becomes a decision maker in obtaining their goals and desires.

Our program was located at 2736 W. 10th Street, Amarillo, Texas where we occupied approximately 45,000 square feet with 32,000 square feet utilized for production and training.  The occupancy limit, of our facility, was 100 disabled employees with a current census of 88.  Our facility was destroyed by fire on October 20, 2007.  On August 8, 2011 we were able to move into our facility located at 5241 south Washington, Amarillo, Texas.  Our new facility is 40,000 sq. ft. and offers a vocational training center, day habilitation area with support areas to meet the needs of 300 individuals who need services.  Our current program population is 135 and growing daily since our move in date.  Our program provides a disabled employee to trainer ratio of 8 to 1.  We also provide training for specialized groups with more challenging disabilities at a ratio of 3 to 1. We also provide for an on-site nurse to give treatment as prescribed by the physician.

All trainers receive approximately 40 hours of in-service training prior to client contact which includes: CPR, First Aid, behavioral intervention, training techniques. Injuries and illnesses, seizure disorders, employee pay calculations and vocational goals and enhancement.  Trainers also receive specialized training annually and on an as needed basis.  Advo Companies, Inc. employs a full-time training coordinator that specialized in employee training needs. 

All services are developed based on the principle of normalization that demands that developmentally and physically disabled persons are provided the same opportunities to interact in their community as other citizens.  All individuals served are provided activities and learning opportunities geared to their needs while progressively exposing each to routine tasks that they are likely to encounter in normal settings. 

Individuals who live in the homes operated by Advo Companies, Inc. are afforded the opportunity to remain in their home community, close to family and friends, in the least restrictive environment.  Advo Companies currently operates 16 homes with 75 individuals being served with 24 hour care to meet their individual needs.  The homes can accommodate 4 to 6 individuals depending on the funding source and licensing regulations governing the home.  Community resources are utilized whenever possible in order to provide freedom of choice and versatility.  They learn ways to take care of themselves, are given the chance to become active in their communities and discover that they are an important part of society. 

Individuals in the day program have access to a continuum of vocational and life skills training and work opportunities.  These services include a structured group setting in the Advo Companies Training Center facilities as well as job placements in the community at large.  We believe that all individuals can and should engage in meaningful work, and to this end, opportunities for gainful employment in our training center as well as work assignments in other settings are provided. 

The basic philosophy that each individual has value and contributions to make permeates all aspects of the program.  For this reason, a range of skill development and work participation programs designed to meet individual needs are offered.  A team consisting of the individual, family members, agency representatives and the professional and experienced Advo Companies staff, prepare a developmental plan geared toward increasing the abilities of the individual served.  All goals strive to build upon their strengths and move them toward a meaningful role in society.  First and foremost, this involves the opportunity for choice.  All individuals are encouraged to become active participants in the learning and living process, including goal setting, which will encourage them to achieve whatever level of accomplishment they choose.

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